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One of the things that annoy me about popular restaurants, cafés and eateries is the “No bookings” policy.

Whenever a restaurant has this policy, my blood begins to boil and I get so angry. I feel like the restaurant does not respect its customers. I feel like the restaurant does not care about its customers’ time.

What’s even worse is I still eat at these places. It’s like I’m a stupid girl who keeps coming back to her mean boyfriend (well obviously not that extreme..).

I completely understand where they are coming from with this policy. Too many people don’t respect the booking system and restaurants do end up losing money if they are saving tables for people who will never turn up.

Too many times I’ve had to plan strategically just to avoid lining up at said restaurants. My top tips are:

  1. Get to the restaurant when they open. This strategy has forced me to have dinners at 5pm. But from experience, it works.
  2. Call the restaurant and ask them how busy they are. This is also a good strategy because you avoid wasting time if it seems like there’s no chance of you being seated quickly.
  3. Don’t eat with a big group. Big groups take the longest to get seated since it’s harder to find space when there’s more people. The ideal group size is 2 or 3.
  4. Have a back up plan. Find out what restaurants are close by and come up with a second option.

Ultimately, it’s your own choice whether you want to line up for food. In my opinion, if I’m already paying around $60 per person for dinner, I shouldn’t have to line up or have to apply any of the above strategies. Shout out to Porteno and Toko for stressing me out on special occasions.


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