Hot Numbing Beef

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Cheap meal / Chinese / Deece / iPhone

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photo 4

Simon and I like trying new places. Especially if they’re cheap. We walked past Two Sticks tonight and we were intrigued by the name. I thought it would be skewer food, but now that I think about it, Two Sticks probably refer to chopsticks? I don’t know..

Anyway, it is a small eatery that serves Yunnan cuisine – something I don’t think I’ve ever tried. Prices are very attractive with our noodle salads costing $6-$7 and appetisers like the beef slices around the $5 mark.

The Hot Numbing Beef was my favourite. Poached beef, topped with chilli dressing, coriander and peanuts. It reminded us of the hot numbing beef from Spice Temple (but for a fraction of the price). The chilli is only moderately spicy but it numbs your tongue. And not in a bad way either. In a weird enjoyable way, if that’s at all possible.

Deece I’d say. I’m keen to try more of their menu.


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