Melbourne Day 1: Hardware, Chin Chin & Supernormal

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Breakfast / Brunch / Cafe / iPhone / Melbourne

The start of our Melbourne food adventure. We tried to go to the most “popular” places on Thursday to avoid any lines. This strategy worked and we didn’t have to wait for a table at any of the places.

The Hardware Societe
First cafe we visited was Hardware. The baked eggs were amaze and the French toast was only avs 😦 The apple and cinnamon juice was amaze. An apple pie in a drink! It’s a beautiful place – and I will come to learn that all the places we will visit are beautiful spaces.

Chin Chin
IMG_9569    IMG_9571
IMG_9572    IMG_9575
IMG_9577    IMG_9580
We had the Feed Me menu at Chin Chin and they just keep giving you food until you give up haha. Chin Chin was amaze! We gave up at 6 courses, plus one dessert. We especially loved the pork ribs, the salmon baked in banana leaves and the dessert! Sweet corn ice cream, with tapioca and coconut milk. One of the best desserts I’ve ever tasted.


Supernormal was avs to deece for me. We had to order something light because we were still full from our lunch at Chin Chin. The flounder was deece and I was hoping the peanut butter parfait dessert would be amaze, but sadly it wasn’t (it was only deece). Not sure if this was because we were so full. We also had crispy spicy rice cakes – deece, and pork baos – avs.


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