Melbourne Day 3: Bowery, Stalactites, Cookie

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Breakfast / Brunch / Cafe / iPhone / Melbourne

Day 3 was when Lenny and Adrian joined us. It was good to have the USA group together again for some more food adventures where we feel like we’re going to explode.

Bowery to Williamsburg
IMG_9666 IMG_9671
I picked specific non-pansy breakfast places that I thought Lenny and Adrian would enjoy. Bowery to Williamsburg was the perfect choice. American style breakfasts. Big servings, mac and cheese on the side and meaty! We all loved our meals and would rate it deece to amaze. Lenny got the Reuben sandwich, Adrian got the pulled pork, Simon got the Monte Cristo special with pork belly and I opted for something lighter – the shakshouka baked eggs with lamb meatballs.

Again, another conscious decision to have something meaty. This is tip #1 by the way, if you are eating with boys. Stalactites proved to be another great choice. We had the chicken and lamb from the souvla and some amazing dips + chips. The chicken was amaze and the lamb was deece.

We were already drunk by the time we got to Cookie. Ordered a bunch of dishes including pork spare ribs, chicken and mushroom curry, fried whole snapper and a pork belly rice salad. Fish and curry were deece and the rest was avs. It didn’t matter too much though because it was still a lot of fun. This photo was taken with my new camera (+fisheye).


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