Melbourne Day 4: Manchester, Huxtaburger, Meatballs, Estelle

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Breakfast / Brunch / Cafe / iPhone / Melbourne

This was the biggest food day of the trip. It was also Lenny and Adrian’s last day. We spent a bit of time sampling some goodies from the Queen Vic markets too.

Manchester Press
IMG_9708 IMG_9709 IMG_9710 IMG_9711
Manchester’s menu was centred around bagels. I love bagels! We all found something we liked. Berry mascarpone for me, maple and bacon for Adrian, pulled pork for Lenny and chorizo for Simon. It was pretty deece, not sure how much more you can do with bagels that’s why.

IMG_9722 IMG_9716
We all enjoyed Huxtaburger. But it wasn’t overly delicious or anything. The burgers are fairly small (apart from the double patty one). Chips were avs. Milkshakes were nice enough. Since it was a small meal (to me anyway).. I pressured everyone to have go next door to..

The Meatball & Wine Bar
This place wasn’t on our original place to visit, but since it was next door to Huxtaburger in Collingwood, I had to go. This place is fun. The menu will make you laugh. First you pick your balls (what meat), what goes on top of your balls (sauce) and what your balls will sit on (salad or carbs). Simon and I shared beef meatballs with white sauce, on a bed of creamy polenta. It was deece, but I wish I got a tomato based sauce instead since I doubled the creaminess with white sauce + polenta.

Estelle Bar & Kitchen
IMG_9724 IMG_9728 IMG_9730 IMG_9738 IMG_9734 IMG_9733 IMG_9730 IMG_9739
After Lenny and Adrian left to go back home, Simon and I had a nice dinner date at Estelle. This was the only “fancy” place we went to. The service was very old-fashioned without being pretentious (eg. they still take your coat and hang it). I love it when fine dining restaurants are not pretentious. We opted for the 5 course and also had a lovely amuse bouche to start with – beef crackling in onion cream. First course was the handrolled macaroni – amaze. I have a thing for well-cooked pasta, something about the al dente texture gets me. Second was the spanner crab – amaze. Third was the pork belly – amaze. Fourth course – I had the duck breast and Simon had wagyu and porterhouse – deece and amaze. The dessert was deece. My photos here are terrible because of the dim lighting and I rushed taking photos because I was too shy and didn’t want the food to get cold (since it was fancy).


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