Breakfast and brunch

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I love having breakfast or brunch. Cafes have been so creative with their dishes in the recent years that you just want to order everything on the menu. The places in this post are fairly popular and have long lines in the morning. To avoid this, go really early at around 8am. You won’t regret it because you get an early start and you’ll be able to make use of your full day!

There’s more to Brewtown than their perfect cronuts. They have an all day breakfast and all day lunch menu which worked well for Simon and I. He wanted the cronut burger, I wanted the polenta. The polenta with poached eggs and mushroom is amaze. Is that just because of my bias towards polenta? No! It was simple and worked well. The cronut burger is not for everyone. It tastes and feels like America. Amaze patty, but fairly oily cronut buns – so this is downgraded to a deece. Chips that it came with weren’t that memorable. As mentioned before, the best cronuts I’ve had are from Brewtown. And you have to get it at Brewtown. The quality is just not the same if you go to a café that Brewtown distributes to. I think it turns stale and oily if it’s not fresh.

The Grumpy Barista
This tiny café is fun and friendly. The creative cronut concoctions brought me here, but what I enjoyed was their savoury breakfast offerings. The avocado and chickpeas on toast (which was a special) was deece, and fairly priced. The cronut didn’t really do it for me because the custard inside has turned it all soft.

Devon Café
I’ve been to Devon twice and unfortunately, haven’t enjoyed either experience. The food is good, but being the winner of “Best Food Café”, you start to expect amazing things. The concept of their food is amazing, but the taste doesn’t deliver. Maybe I ordered wrong? But… if a place is REALLY good, there should be no such thing as ordering wrong, right?. The truffle toastie was avs to deece only.

Paramount Coffee Project
Krissy and I had brunch here on a sunny Saturday. It is a very nice and spacious café. I had the soft shell crab burger – it was deece to amaze (unfortunately no picture)! Krissy had the eggplant which was pretty deece too. The peanut butter waffle that I looked forward to for months fell short of expectations though. It was a pleasant dessert, but I was looking for a bit more texture and maybe a bit more sweetness.


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