Burgers can be deceiving

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Bar Food

Food can be deceiving. Most of the time it looks good but doesn’t taste that nice. Or it looks ugly but is actually quite tasty. I recently visited two burger places with Gordon, Jenny and Simon where the appearances of the burgers didn’t match the taste.

Brooklyn Social
Brooklyn Social is a new bar/eatery at Surry Hills. The photos and most reviews I looked at prior to visiting were very positive, and the food looked so appetising. Service was non-existent. It was one of those places where you order at the counter and take a number, which isn’t unusual for a bar, but it didn’t work that well since it wasn’t a large space and there was a lot of people. We had to wait quite a bit just to get a table (which wasn’t an issue because Simon and I pre-ate, hehe).
The food was… disappointing. Well, the sides were deece. But the burgers were so below avs it could even be below below avs. The buns were really bad with a gummy texture and the patty was too salty. I couldn’t even eat my burger and left a lot of it untouched.

Parlour Burger
Parlour Burger had a very simple menu with around 6 burgers available, all at $10 each. I chose The Black Widow and Simon chose the Dirty Burger. Both were deece even though they don’t look like much. The charcoal bun certainly doesn’t look that appetising, but it had a subtle smoky flavour and tasted really good. The patty could’ve been juicier. It came out well done even if we ordered medium. Overall, it was an enjoyable burger experience.
photo 4 (2)
photo 1 (2)


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