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I know this is many months late, but it’s something I have to write about! In America, good burgers are the norm. Here – it is a rarity and a luxury. My USA trip with Lenny, Adrian and Simon in February was filled with many great burgers.

In-N-Out vs. Shake Shack
In-N-Out was the first burger we had upon landing in America. We made the effort to have this during our stopover at LAX, and it was worth it. Being so hungry after an overnight plane ride, the burger definitely hit the spot. Animal style everything please. I tried a cheeseburger and a double double on two separate occasions and they were both amaze! Especially for the price. And the ability to customise to your heart’s extent.

But Shake Shack was on another level. Being a more premium burger than In-N-Out, it definitely delivered in taste and quality. The cheese, patty and the bun were all perfect. I still think about it from time to time… The fries at Shake Shack weren’t too memorable but the shakes were amaze too (although so hard to finish because of thickness and fullness from the meal).

To me, Shake Shack is the winner. That first bite into their burger was just so great. Gotta trust that first bite reaction….

My favourite burger out of the whole trip was Umami burger. This isn’t a fast food burger – it’s quite pricy, but the meat is good quality, cooked to a medium rare perfection. I got the truffle burger and it was amaze. Best burger I’ve ever had. They also had amaze sides. The burger pictured below is the Manly burger with bacon and onion strings. It was amaze too!
IMG_8077 IMG_8069

Five Guys and Carl’s Jr
Five Guys was deece. Great beef patty and so many condiments and customisations at hand. Although it isn’t my top USA burger, it was for Adrian! Definitely not the prettiest burger, but we should never judge a burger by its picture 🙂

Carl’s Jr was probably my least favourite burger out of all the ones we tried, but they did serve up the best potato. Waffle fries and cheese fries. Yes please.



  1. TrunGsorZ says

    Unami was def one of my favs. I remember the meat was so juicy and tender. I had a burger just after having chicken and waffles lol


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