4 years at 4 restaurants

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Breakfast / Chinese / Desserts / Dumplings / Italian / Pasta

Simon and I celebrated our 4 years this weekend and coincidentally, we ate at 4 restaurants in the one day. Our plan of attack this year was to try a lot of new smaller places, rather than just one fancy (expensive) place. It turned out to be a great day of food and the sun came out to play too!

First stop was breakfast at Harry’s @ Bondi. Beautiful cafe with friendly service and so many tempting options on the menu. We knew we were going to be eating at a lot of places that same day, so we opted for very light dishes. We got the chicken salad and the tuna sashimi salad. The chicken salad was amaze and the sashimi salad deece.   

We also stopped by Bondi Markets (see next post for photos). I love going to Bondi Markets and looking at all the beautiful and trendy food.

For lunch, we went to Pasta Emilia @ Surry Hills. I wanted to try the tortelli with truffle cream sauce and it was amaze. So simple and delicate. Simon had a tomato based pasta. The restaurant was so beautiful and homely. I wanted to buy everything they had for sale, eg pasta sauces, jams, pasta, cordial.   

We then checked out the Madam Truffles pop up. A nicely decorated little space! I purchased some truffle salt which I want to sprinkle on everything.   

Dinner was at Luyu & Yum Yum @ Newtown. Another nice venue! The dumplings were really really good. So fresh and could definitely tell that they put a lot of effort into it. We loved the herb dumpling and the mushroom dumplings the most.   

Last stop was Hartsyard @ Newtown for some dessert. We had the pumpkin pie soft serve. It was deece! I love pumpkin pie everything. The pumpkin donuts on the soft serve was pretty amaze, but there wasn’t enough. I would gladly just buy the donuts by itself.  


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