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Pretend American

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American / Burgers / Desserts

This is a pretty delayed post about Thanksgiving last year. Thanksgiving doesn’t exist in Australia but I’ve always wanted to experience a Thanksgiving feast, simply because the food looks so good… and because of pumpkin pie. The Bourbon, an American style pub / restaurant, hosted a Thanksgiving event last year and Tim and I made sure we went. It was a 2 course lunch that included turkey stuffed with cornbread, potatoes, greens and pumpkin pie mousse […]

USA Burgers

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American / Burgers

I know this is many months late, but it’s something I have to write about! In America, good burgers are the norm. Here – it is a rarity and a luxury. My USA trip with Lenny, Adrian and Simon in February was filled with many great burgers. In-N-Out vs. Shake Shack In-N-Out was the first burger we had upon landing in America. We made the effort to have this during our stopover at LAX, and […]