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4 years at 4 restaurants

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Breakfast / Chinese / Desserts / Dumplings / Italian / Pasta

Simon and I celebrated our 4 years this weekend and coincidentally, we ate at 4 restaurants in the one day. Our plan of attack this year was to try a lot of new smaller places, rather than just one fancy (expensive) place. It turned out to be a great day of food and the sun came out to play too! First stop was breakfast at Harry’s @ Bondi. Beautiful cafe with friendly service and so […]

Ridiculously good-looking soft serves

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Sometimes, food looks better than it tastes. This isn’t the case with the soft serves from Aqua S. They opened last month in Regent Place and they make really beautiful soft serves. They taste so good too. I tried the sea salt flavour (standard) and the lemon tea (temporary flavour). I had both with all the toppings they had on offer: fairy floss, toasted marshmallow, caramel popcorn and pop rocks. I really really liked the […]

Pretend American

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American / Burgers / Desserts

This is a pretty delayed post about Thanksgiving last year. Thanksgiving doesn’t exist in Australia but I’ve always wanted to experience a Thanksgiving feast, simply because the food looks so good… and because of pumpkin pie. The Bourbon, an American style pub / restaurant, hosted a Thanksgiving event last year and Tim and I made sure we went. It was a 2 course lunch that included turkey stuffed with cornbread, potatoes, greens and pumpkin pie mousse […]


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Deece / Desserts / iPhone

I really enjoyed my first time at Anita Gelato. I liked the atmosphere, the flavours, the people working there. I had the Cheesecake and the Brownie Peanut Butter flavours and both were deece. Simon had Cookieman and Ferrero Rocher, pictured above. His flavours were nice too but ended up to be too rich combined.


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Deece / Desserts

You know what always happens? Tagging your friends in Instagram food photos or sending them screenshots of food. And you both say, “We HAVE to go!” And then you never end up going. Tonight was one of the good nights where the food stars seemed to have aligned. Tim sent a screenshot of N2 Extreme Gelato, and a bunch of us happened to be free after work. Above is the Ferrero Reveal. Nutella gelato, chocolate and rice crispies […]

Hashtag PBQuest

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Amaze / Desserts

I love peanut butter. I don’t understand when people say, “Oh it’s too peanut buttery”. What does that mean? My friend Tim loves peanut butter more than me. He found an article about peanut butter desserts in Sydney and I suggested we undertake a quest to try all the ten desserts listed. This quest has been ongoing for about a year now and we have only eaten eight of the ten desserts. We also hashtag each experience […]