LP’s Quality Meats

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This place just recently opened, but it’s become popular pretty quickly. This always happens when new places are:
1. Trendy
2. Pretty
3. Has amazing food

For LP’s, it’s all three of the above. It’s in a beautiful space in Chippendale and they really do serve up quality meats (and sides).

The highlight of the night was the beef short rib, the lamb, the corn, the bread buns, the mash… Everything actually! (But wasn’t a fan of the entree we had which was duck pate).

The meat is so tender and just tasted so good. All the sides were great too. Amaze dining experience, apart from the communal table setting for all diners. I usually don’t mind communal settings, but this is dinner. I hate being so close to people at dinner that you’re pretty much part of their conversation. But the meat tho.. Will definitely go back!


USA Burgers

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American / Burgers

I know this is many months late, but it’s something I have to write about! In America, good burgers are the norm. Here – it is a rarity and a luxury. My USA trip with Lenny, Adrian and Simon in February was filled with many great burgers.

In-N-Out vs. Shake Shack
In-N-Out was the first burger we had upon landing in America. We made the effort to have this during our stopover at LAX, and it was worth it. Being so hungry after an overnight plane ride, the burger definitely hit the spot. Animal style everything please. I tried a cheeseburger and a double double on two separate occasions and they were both amaze! Especially for the price. And the ability to customise to your heart’s extent.

But Shake Shack was on another level. Being a more premium burger than In-N-Out, it definitely delivered in taste and quality. The cheese, patty and the bun were all perfect. I still think about it from time to time… The fries at Shake Shack weren’t too memorable but the shakes were amaze too (although so hard to finish because of thickness and fullness from the meal).

To me, Shake Shack is the winner. That first bite into their burger was just so great. Gotta trust that first bite reaction….

My favourite burger out of the whole trip was Umami burger. This isn’t a fast food burger – it’s quite pricy, but the meat is good quality, cooked to a medium rare perfection. I got the truffle burger and it was amaze. Best burger I’ve ever had. They also had amaze sides. The burger pictured below is the Manly burger with bacon and onion strings. It was amaze too!
IMG_8077 IMG_8069

Five Guys and Carl’s Jr
Five Guys was deece. Great beef patty and so many condiments and customisations at hand. Although it isn’t my top USA burger, it was for Adrian! Definitely not the prettiest burger, but we should never judge a burger by its picture 🙂

Carl’s Jr was probably my least favourite burger out of all the ones we tried, but they did serve up the best potato. Waffle fries and cheese fries. Yes please.

Burgers can be deceiving

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Bar Food

Food can be deceiving. Most of the time it looks good but doesn’t taste that nice. Or it looks ugly but is actually quite tasty. I recently visited two burger places with Gordon, Jenny and Simon where the appearances of the burgers didn’t match the taste.

Brooklyn Social
Brooklyn Social is a new bar/eatery at Surry Hills. The photos and most reviews I looked at prior to visiting were very positive, and the food looked so appetising. Service was non-existent. It was one of those places where you order at the counter and take a number, which isn’t unusual for a bar, but it didn’t work that well since it wasn’t a large space and there was a lot of people. We had to wait quite a bit just to get a table (which wasn’t an issue because Simon and I pre-ate, hehe).
The food was… disappointing. Well, the sides were deece. But the burgers were so below avs it could even be below below avs. The buns were really bad with a gummy texture and the patty was too salty. I couldn’t even eat my burger and left a lot of it untouched.

Parlour Burger
Parlour Burger had a very simple menu with around 6 burgers available, all at $10 each. I chose The Black Widow and Simon chose the Dirty Burger. Both were deece even though they don’t look like much. The charcoal bun certainly doesn’t look that appetising, but it had a subtle smoky flavour and tasted really good. The patty could’ve been juicier. It came out well done even if we ordered medium. Overall, it was an enjoyable burger experience.
photo 4 (2)
photo 1 (2)


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Simon and I went to MoVida last week to celebrate three years of dating (lol). MoVida was a fun place to eat at. It’s not often that you end up wanting everything on the dinner menu. We ordered a mix of small and medium plates as well as a jug of sangria (which seemed to be never ending!).

The food was amaze. Our favourites were the air cured wagyu and the brisket. The desserts were deece but I wouldn’t have minded eating more savoury and then skipping dessert.


Breakfast and brunch

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Backlog / Breakfast / Brunch / Cafe / Deece / iPhone

I love having breakfast or brunch. Cafes have been so creative with their dishes in the recent years that you just want to order everything on the menu. The places in this post are fairly popular and have long lines in the morning. To avoid this, go really early at around 8am. You won’t regret it because you get an early start and you’ll be able to make use of your full day!

There’s more to Brewtown than their perfect cronuts. They have an all day breakfast and all day lunch menu which worked well for Simon and I. He wanted the cronut burger, I wanted the polenta. The polenta with poached eggs and mushroom is amaze. Is that just because of my bias towards polenta? No! It was simple and worked well. The cronut burger is not for everyone. It tastes and feels like America. Amaze patty, but fairly oily cronut buns – so this is downgraded to a deece. Chips that it came with weren’t that memorable. As mentioned before, the best cronuts I’ve had are from Brewtown. And you have to get it at Brewtown. The quality is just not the same if you go to a café that Brewtown distributes to. I think it turns stale and oily if it’s not fresh.

The Grumpy Barista
This tiny café is fun and friendly. The creative cronut concoctions brought me here, but what I enjoyed was their savoury breakfast offerings. The avocado and chickpeas on toast (which was a special) was deece, and fairly priced. The cronut didn’t really do it for me because the custard inside has turned it all soft.

Devon Café
I’ve been to Devon twice and unfortunately, haven’t enjoyed either experience. The food is good, but being the winner of “Best Food Café”, you start to expect amazing things. The concept of their food is amazing, but the taste doesn’t deliver. Maybe I ordered wrong? But… if a place is REALLY good, there should be no such thing as ordering wrong, right?. The truffle toastie was avs to deece only.

Paramount Coffee Project
Krissy and I had brunch here on a sunny Saturday. It is a very nice and spacious café. I had the soft shell crab burger – it was deece to amaze (unfortunately no picture)! Krissy had the eggplant which was pretty deece too. The peanut butter waffle that I looked forward to for months fell short of expectations though. It was a pleasant dessert, but I was looking for a bit more texture and maybe a bit more sweetness.

Food Blog Backlog

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There are a lot of places I want to write about, even if I visited there before this blog was started. I’ll be posting about the following from time to time.

The Grumpy Barista
Devon Café
Zeus Street Greek
Paramount Coffee Project
Chi & Co
Canberra – Two Before Ten, Brodburger, Mocan & Green Grount
Mr Crackles
Three Williams
Mr Moustache
Café Sopra
The Hub
The Milkbar by Café Ish
Adriano Zumbo
Pig & Pastry
USA burgers – In-n-out vs Shake Shack

Teo’s Cafe

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Deece / iPhone

When I’m at Simon’s house, we always struggle with choosing where to eat. Like Blacktown, there really isn’t much choice in Ingleburn. Teo’s Cafe recently opened and showed a lot of promise because it had hipster chairs.

The food was fairly priced, with the breakfast dishes costing between $8-$12.

Simon had the salmon starter and I had the something something egg’s benny which was prosciutto on sourdough, tomato relish, rocket then topped with poached eggs. For $12, this was pretty deece!
photo 3 (1)
photo 1 (1)